John F.Germ

Dear fellow Rotarian:
I Want to congratulate your installation to the office of 2016-17 as President.

As a Club officer, you can help strengthen your club raising awareness of its work, gaining new members, and
helping to carry out projects that have a lasting impact. Your guidance and example are essential to keeping your fellow Rotarians enthusiastic and engaged. Our success as a service organization begins at the club level-Rotarians are the foundation of everything that Rotary stands for. Without active member like you, we would not be the organization we are today.

 Congratulations again on your new position.I look fordward to a year of great accomplishments with your help, and of Rotary Serving Humanity.


John F.Germ

2016-17 President, Rotary International

Rtn. Amod Simangaida

Fellow Rotarians,
Thank you all for selecting me the president of the Rotary Club of Butwal for Rota Year 2016-17.
Respecting the faith of you all it’s my duty to take the leadership and responsibilities to the club by heart and to
the extent that I can. I promise to fulfill the expectations you all have. I will do my best with the help of you all and the guidance of all the past presidents and well wishers of the club.

As our Rotary International President John F. Germs has announced this year theme “Rotary Serving Humanity”
we are guided to follow the theme by the Rotary District 3292 Nepal and Bhutan. With the co-operation and co-ordination of all the Rotarians, direction of the past presidents guidance of the district governor as well as my well wisher we will serve above self consequently Rotary Serving Humanity. As we know our club past presidents has already succeed various projects and we have two major Projects to be done this year. Firstly Catha lab Project in Gautam Buddha Community Heart Hospital and another is oxygen plant in Lumini Zonal Hospital. I appeal all the Rotarians to co-ordination and cooperation to make it success.

It’s my Pride to message to the entire relevant person that we will reach the needy person full filling our theme
“Rotary Serving Humanity” we have water and irrigation project in plan of action as the District has given us
guideline to serve in Water, sanitation and Literacy. Dear Rotarians the goals we have is from our Rotary
International through the District and to be fulfilled by the co-operation and co-ordination of we all.
We are strong enough as our past presidents have of success in the district it will vitalize us for the challenges
we have. At last but not least all of my board members, general members and Past President will co-operate to the club which they have already experienced through out the the year and year.

Thank you.
Rtn. Amod Simangaida
Rotary club of Butwal, 2016-17

Rtn. Jaya Shah

President Amod and entire team of RC Butwal
It gives me great pleasure in extending my sincere congratulation for your successful tenure and accomplishment you made during the year. I am sure the path you have shown by various innovative and diversified program implementation is worth following by other Rotary Clubs to serve humanity as appealed by RI President John F. Germ. I would like to express my full commitment to be with you all the time as we said the I am delighted to understand that Rotary Club of Butwal is planning to publish its annual Directory on the occasion of the New Year 2073. I am sure this is the best way to celebrate the success and achievements. This
is also an opportunity to make a good annual plan accommodating Presidential Citation and annual goals of the District. I hope you must have been considering this already. However we as Rotarian, must be mindful to  rotect our environment by reducing,reusing and recycling the natural resources, to ensuring justified and sustainable use of natural and other resources. So I would like to urge all clubs to minimize the use of paper by exploring innovative ways to replace the printing of directory every year especially in this era of information technology.
Allow me to share one of my childhood experience. As a school girl, I remember playing with my friends . I always recall those days' action that we used to jointly perform. One day we somehow brought a magnifying glass and put on the top of a piece of paper. After some time we used to see the paper burning. But when the
paper is put without the magnifying glass, there was no possibility of the getting the paper burnt. Now I realize that the difference of putting the paper below the magnifying glass is a collective energy of the sun generated by focused rays with the help of the magnifying glass. Let us try to analyze this exercise against the Rotary actions. We as Rotarian and Rotary club, we have been implementing various service projects to serve the humanity as appealed by RI President John F. Germ who urged all of us to serve humanity, ultimately to serve communities in many ways. We all are committed to focus all our energy in implementing service projects membership development, improved club administration and leadership beyond the club level. If we are successful in generating synergy with a focused activities, then we are sure to get desired results of serving humanity. But on the contrary, if we are not focused then the result we wanted could be not be achieved. Hence, I would like to urge all clubs and Rotarians to focus their activities around the four key strategic priority areas – Club Strengthening, Service Projects, Enhancing Rotary Image in the Community and The result of the consolidated and focused activities will


Rtn. Jaya Shah

District Governer


Rotary Club of Butwal
Butwal-5, Om Shanti Margh
Rupendehi, Nepal