Introduction About Our Organization

Rotary Club of Butwal(RCB) spirited by the RI motto 'Services Above Self' with the zeal and zelf of about two dozen active professionals, social activists and entrepreneurs, was established in 1993. An adhoc committee was formed under the coordinator ship of Rtn. Dinesh Kumar Josi. After haring thorough mental gymnastic among its members , an executive committee of RCB was chartered under the chairmanship of Rtn. Benu Ram Pradhan at Hotel Sindur in Butal . RCB was specially assisted by Dr. Prakash Regmi, the GSR of Rotary Club Of Chitwan, which is the host club of RCB. There were simxty-five charter members its inception.

Under the umbrella of RI ideas, norms and Values, RCB has been conducting different projects and programmes in different parts of Lumbini zone for Fourteen years, Because of its projects, Programmes and humanitarian service and activists, RCB is regarded on a primer social organization in this region .It has been proved as healing ointment of ailing humanity. Whatever success, achievements and glory RCB has obtained so far is due to the self-less service, team spirits of the Rotarians and warm love, affection and assistance provided by the residents and government official of this refion .RCB has started Ambulance service in Butwal for the first time. The Children Park Within Manimukund Sen Garden, Supplying clean drinking water, assistance for disabled students, installation RCC, distribution of scholarship and educational materials for the poor students, plan for constructing briddhashram, running revolving fund for poor schooling children ets are a few exemplar projects and progrmmes run by RCB.

Besides these projects, RCB has become a common forum in which Rotarians have got several opportunities to develop their personality, professional skills and vocation ethics as well the Rotarians have develop leadership skills in their respect fields and also felt sense of owners working in Rotary. We Have been feeling a kind of glory and sense of self confidence of being called oneself as a Rotarian.

There were many challenges and obstacles to go ahead smoothly when it began. Due to the far-sighted vision of its Charter President Rtn. Benuram Prdhan, It succeded to take momentum. Taking the lesson from the past, RCB has to shoulder the present and pave the path of future. Its high time for RCB and we Rotarians to analyze the need of the society, envision further project and programmes, implement then much dynamically, enhance Rotary image more brightly and make the society feel its enthusiastic existence and presence.

The further we go, the more challenges we have to face, the more challenges we face, the more creative we become. Its urgency of time that e have to be more adventurous, critical, imaginative and creative to make real the dream that our predecessors envisioned while establishing Rotary Club of Butwal, in our beloved town, Butwal. Therefore its high time that we should work together, struggle together against poverty. illiteracy , hunger, starvation, and environmental degradation in order to hand over a bit better, richer healthier , more beautiful world to our successors only then ,it would be meaningful of being a Rotarian.


Rotary Club of Butwal
Butwal-5, Om Shanti Margh
Rupendehi, Nepal